A Grand Conclusion


What?! How?! When?! T-Hubb was confused for a number of reasons, but mainly about how the end of this most epic of bro trips could be so nigh. And it has been epic. But, before epicness is properly reflected upon there is a final instalment. After leaving the best ranch in the world, Burnt Well, the bros found themselves in Albuquerque where they saw another of their best bros, Jason Aldean, put on a concert of significant good-good levels.

At lunch the next day, trip planning dominated discussion. The bros’ original tail-end trip plans had involved a flying visit to lovely bro friends in California, but unfortunately even the best laid plans sometimes don’t turn out and in this case rescheduling of other trip components took this visit out of reach (see you in Aus in October Sam, Matt and Ellie!).

So, instead, the bros had to plan a new conclusion. T-Hubb was quick to forget that time Dolly Parton in slot machine form took all his money in Metropolis and was gunning for Vegas, but eventually calmed down and realised that unless the great George Strait was in residence, it probably wasn’t the ideal way to finish such a country based extravaganza.  What about the Rockies? T-Hubb again used his good memory to remember that they had already seen Rocky in Philadelphia at the start of the trip and after over 5 weeks, BK didn’t have the strength to correct him.

As BK stared at the map looking for child/T-Hubb friendly attractions with which to fill the last day or two, it dawned on the bros that from Albuquerque, LA was only  an 11 hour drive away….. Why not extend Tyler-the-Jeep’s rental for another few days, avoid a domestic flight and keep on trucking to LAX?!  That way the bros could also stop off at the Grandest of Canyons (even grander than Canyon near Amarillo, they had been told).  Winner, winner, catfish dinner!!

As expected, the Grand Canyon was epic! After securing T-Hubb in his ‘can’t run away from BK over the edge’ harness, the bros descended into a state of awe at this natural masterpiece.  Everything was bigger here than at Canyon TX, even the Nutty’s! (BK lost his mind a little bit, not Luke Bryan level lost his mind but almost, at a close up Nutty encounter.  Since first meeting a Nutty in Central Park NY, these beguiling furry creatures had captivated BK, but sadly so often, until now, the affection was not returned.)

From the Grand Canyon, they hit up the town of Kingman, AZ for a night in a Route 66 old school themed motel (Clark Gable room no less!) and BK enjoyed an actual Catfish Dinner.

From there, things changed pace for the bros as they left the wide open plains behind and could feel the reality of non-country dominated civilisation close in on them the closer they got to LA. All of a sudden there were more cars than pickups! Country FM radio stations were hard to find (thank goodness for the Garth channel on XM!)

End of trip reality really kicked in when Tyler-the-Jeep was returned to his rental parents. The bros had bonded with this not so gutsy, lift kitted or fuel efficient little fellow over the past 4 weeks (20 states and over 5600 miles!!!!!!!) as he became their home away from home. It was a little heart-breaking to see him driven away to be prepared for his next adventure (anthropomorphising inanimate objects is a thing right?!).

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 11.01.49 am

So, currently the bros sit in LAX waiting for the big flying Chevy to take them home to their loved ones (one extremely patient husband and a Labrador who has been having such a good time with her lovely grandparents she probably doesn’t even realise her mum-bro has been away).  T-Hubb is a little high on perfume fumes and checking out Victoria’s Secret to make sure it ain’t a secret no-more, but BK hopes he will calm down on the flight. Both bros are a little overwhelmed by how lucky they have been and what an amazing experience this has been. The bro-ship has held strong, and gotten even stronger if that is possible.

To our valued 3.5 readers, we say thanks again for your support and interest. This isn’t quite the end though, this bro adventure would not be complete without a Deni Ute Muster, Echuca-Moama-Line (EML) postscript! Stay tuned : )





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