Burnt Well, a piece of peace

What do you get when you combine the bros with horses, a working New Mexico cattle property and the bestest hospitable ranch family you can imagine?

Complete bliss.

BK and T-Hubb rolled Tyler the Jeep off the black-top and onto a gravel road to Burnt Well Guest Ranch, run by the Chesser family.


As soon as the bros arrived, they saddled up for a South-Western feast which really left them thinking “hmmm, not enough cheese?” But they didn’t linger long, because straight after lunch it was TIME TO RIDE!

BK got thrown stunning-quarter-horse-mount after stunning-quarter-horse-mount, because he looks so cool calm and collected. T-Hubb only mounted up facing the rump ONE TIME, and this seemed to matter somewhat. What? But anyway, BK was super happy riding around on cow-keen steeds like Chuck, Bob, Newt and Creed (all very BK-compatible names). T-Hubb meanwhile had an absolute ball rushing around on Jonah, Razor, Chester and Raoul. Chester (21) was T-Hubb’s favourite, because that good ole boy was old enough to drink!

The bros were amazed by how sure-footed all the horses were across ground that alternated between rocky-rubble and spongy, porous ground tufted with grass and dotted with holes. They were out in the hot sun all day, checking fences, cattle and rounding some of those little dawgies up! BK learned to just point T-Hubb towards the horizon, away from the cattle, and tell him to go check on the clouds.

They even got to hang out while a few head of heifers were pregnancy tested with a kewl sonogram wand, then branded and ear-tagged. BK took important notes on which heifers were pregnant and in which trimester. T-Hubb got to have a feel of a 7-month gestated calf, and give it a little pat on the noggin. Wowee!

(Ohhhhhhhhhh-boooooooyyyyyyyyyyyy …. the questions BK then had to field! Can you imagine?? – “Where do calves come from? How does the stalk lift them? How do they not crush the cabbage patch?” – and on, and on, and on …)

It’s ok though, every time T-Hubb’s questions became too much, it was time for one meal or another with the delightful Kim and Patricia Chesser, and their son Tye, and sometimes a grand-baby or two. Around beautiful meals of cowboy beans, quesadillas, jalapeno poppers, ribs, steak, baked potatoes, apple pie, cheese cake, brownies, prickly pear lemonade and many more delicious lite’n easy treats, the bros learned a lot about farming in arid New Mexico; roping things (including coyotes and eagles); spying rattle snakes (BK heard and spotted an angry rattly one while he and brave Newt rode past its li’l ole rock home!)

T-Hubb was delighted to learn that one describes getting dressed up in super-cowboy style is described as ‘dressing punchy’. He has asked BK whether when their reflective tree-house phase is over, they can maybe commence a ‘dressin’ punchy’ phase.

After four days of heavenly riding around, the bros reluctantly tore themselves away from another trip highlight. It was a sad moment for many reasons. It’s hard to part from those experiences in life (however brief) that leave you feeling refreshed and re-connected to the things that really matter, like the earth around you, the food you eat, the bed you are lucky enough to rest in, the water you are incredibly lucky to wash with, and what needs to be done to keep an environment like a farm, all in balance.

The end of ranch-time also signalled a dwindling of the road-trip time left for the bros to enjoy.

So where did they head next, to enjoy their last USA Country Music Road Trip week? Find out soon!


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