Busy bros!

Super things; an accidentally dry stop; deer capital of the USA; world’s largest honky tonk; BK’s best boots; Friday Night Lights and a Sailor’s Guide to Earth – coming at ya!

The bros have gotten a bit behind in their travel news, and we know 4.75 of y’all (our numbers are growing) are waiting with baited breath. So follow us for an update!

Metropolis, Illinois

This is where the bros headed to after their good-good times in Kentucky. Sounds like a place you might find some Super Heroes, right?


The bros stayed in a casino, where they had a wild night playing a Dolly Parton slot machine. T-Hubb blew his large $5 gambling budget immediately, but felt Dolly’s soothing “aww, better luck next time” was quite a nice consolation. BK had a hot-streak on Roulette, but Dolly whittled his winnings back a little, although he still came out ahead. He’ll probably put the winnings towards T-Hubb’s college fund. Moral of the story – don’t gamble y’all.

Wandering around

One of the things the bros have really enjoyed, is taking some time off the road to hike whenever they get the chance. They started this properly after their stay in Corbin, KY, where they wandered around the Cumberland Falls. They’ve seen some beautiful, different forests they may not have told y’all about, but after the hustle and bustle of Metropolis, they took an afternoon to walk in the beautiful Shawnee National Forest, Illinois.


What a beautiful breather!

Arkansas and Oklahoma

Ok, this next part is a bit of a blur, as the bros were moving fast (but not over the speed limit).

They wended their way from Illinois to overnight in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, where the bros realised there was no fireball to be found in this dry town. So, they decided on a juice cleanse instead, and rounded out their taco dinner with a wheatgrass shot.

As they headed for Muskogee, OK, home of Merle Haggard’s famous conservative anthem ‘Okie from Muskogee’, the bros dropped in on Marian County Fair, AR, where they had a good chat to the locals.


After Muskogee, the bros stopped for another hike at Robber’s Cave State Park in Wilburton, OK. The bros walked for miles and saw some pretty white tail deer through the scrub. More nature!!!


Then came a delightful stay in Antlers, OK. The bros wish they had taken photos of their night here, but they were too in-the-moment to remember. They heard the delightful strains of country fiddle over the way from their motel, and strolled over to find locals having a barbecue over at the local museum and deer park (Antlers claims to be the deer capital of the USA) to raise money for a member of the community who was very unwell. There, the bros were loaded up with plates full of a crispy fried catfish dinner (T-Hubb doesn’t eat the swimming things, so he passed his on to BK) and as much Texas sheet cake as they could fit in their bro tummies. They were wholeheartedly embraced by local hospitality, and a few people filmed them just a little bit to document their strange Australian accents. Turns out, Antlers is in the poorest of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, but as you might expect, very rich in generosity of spirit.


It’s one of the moments the bros had been hanging our for: to cruise under Texas skies!

First stop was Fort Worth, just close enough to Dallas to feel like the real big smoke. Tyler the Jeep had forgotten there were so many other vee-hicles on the road!

The bros got straight in to living out some dreams:

First stop, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at Boswell High to see the home team trounce those other dudes on the field. The cheer leaders! The marching band! The spirit of Coach Taylor was SO LARGE. (Another particular highlight for BK!)


Next stop, Fort Worth’s Stockyards historic district and Billy Bob’s – the WORLD’S LARGEST HONKY TONK! So many capital letters required!


It was a little shock to the system to go from the above to the weird, wonderful and hipster of Austin – cool city, but perhaps a few too many spiced chai things after what the bros had become accustomed to? Still, BK and T-Hubb headed to another highlight of their country music calendar to see Sturgill Simpson’s brilliant gig at Austin’s 360 Amphitheatre. Think honeyed, difficult to understand vocals, genius guitar and lots of beards. Wooh!

BK also found the most amazingly RAD cowboy boots in Austin, which we’ll show y’all in a future post. (T-Hubb says ‘legs forever’ – that’s all!)



Where to next? The bros didn’t really know, so they asked George Strait to give them a tip. The answer? Amarillo by morning (afternoon) via Canyon! The bros took off, and drove about 8 hours through more glorious Texas countryside.

In Palo Duro Canyon State Park (just outside Amarillo), the bros saw their first real life rattle snake! Yesssssss! (Not photographed, because it moved off the path real quick, and so did the bros!) And the scenery was just spectacular. They may not make it to the Grand Canyon this trip, but the bros were super stoked to see any canyon at all, and this one was just beautiful.

Amarillo was a special stop for the bros, as George’s classic tune does tend to make T-Hubb weep, and BK maybe gets a lump in his throat? There they are!

This stop was short but real good-good. The bros stopped by the Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, where BK was in heaven, and T-Hubb was in Seven (he likes to copy BK but be different at the same time).

This equine highlight came at the perfect time, because the next post the bros bring you will be about their time at a New Mexico ranch. That’s right! Much more horse ahead. Get ready!





One thought on “Busy bros!

  1. Very interesting reading bros. A trip of a lifetime. First I’ve heard of any sssssnake mentioned. Were you equipped with your knife, tourniquet and permanganate crystals just in case?!! (Yes, I know that’s not what you do, but Jim or Brownie would! ) 😉 xx


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