“Rain makes corn. Corn makes whisky. Whisky makes my baby get a little frisky / Luke Bryan makes BK lose his mind!”

The sodden fringe of Harvey brought the rain to Lexington, Kentucky, at much the same time as the bros arrived. The images above are a special cue for those who know BK to guess that there was a separate storm of emotions going on as BK prepared to see the beloved Luke Bryan LIVE for the first time ever!!! (Good luck keeping up with the strangeness of ‘bro’ personas who are personal friends of Luke, but also heart-stoppingly excited to see him in person … okay?)

But first thing’s first: T-Hubb’s twelveteenth birthday! That’s right, BK made the day real special for him!


Mmmm, impromptu donut cake!  What a lucky bro!….

… Okay, then the Friday night Luke-Bryan fest rolled around. The bros got their wet-weather gear on, and prepared for displays of emotion from BK which come around only every 70 years. T-Hubb took special note of tears glistening in BK’s face-wells (that’s eyes, remember) when he heard his extra-special favourite LB song, but they’re gonna save that for the private bro album.

What they are going to share are some emotion-descriptions in BK’s own words:

For my bro T-Hubb and I, coming to see our boy LB perform was pretty much the cornerstone of our entire trip!  We booked Luke tickets first, and then the rest of the trip was built around this potential amazement.  In my mind, Luke had become akin to a mythical creature.  But one who existed!  And who we were actually going to see!

The lead up to Luke Day was a little surreal.  It had been so long in the planning that it seemed like one of those things that was always in the future.  Something to look forward to but that never actually happened (you keepin’ up T-Hubb?!).  

But it did happen!  Through the misty haze of Friday night Lexington, he burst on stage and was SO much better than could ever have been imagined!! The voice! The farmer’s tan!  Those notorious spray-on jeans! And as the rain continued to fall, so did the emotions.  As my favourite singer sang my favourite song in the beautiful town of Lexington with my actual best bro by my side and the warm and fuzzy knowledge that there were people back in Aus genuinely so excited for this night of nights to happen (the rest of y’all will be genuinely and understandably wondering at the melodramatic craziness of this whole situation!), it truly surpassed all expectations.  The good-good overflowed and as Luke himself sings, I did not want that night to end.

Ok, enough emotions!

Bourbon tour

… So, you may have noticed the GIANT 25oz cans of Bud Light the bros are gripping in the image above? Well true to its reputation, America really does offer supersized options unheard of in Australia. (Imagine a 25oz can of Bundy Red??!!)

Well, this tall can of light fizzy-good-make-feel-nice was a diverting beer encounter for the bros, but there was more to come.

It being T-Hubb’s birthday, his best-boy Wade, (husband of non alter-ego Claire) had arranged for a surprise Bourbon tour of some classic Kentucky distilleries. Wow Wade! Best birthday present ever!!

So the lucky bros sipped their way from Maker’s Mark to Four Roses and beyond, learning all the while about Kentucky’s beautiful bourbon-friendly limestone-filtered water, its lawless past and the appalling tricks of ‘rectifyers’ who would add water, tobacco spit, prune juice and boot polish to stretch out a barrel of bourbon. Each leg of this bourbon-trail stretched through the beautiful bluegrass country that sustains Kentucky’s world famous race horse…

Kentucky Horse Park

If you thought it sounded like T-Hubb’s birthday couldn’t have been made any more special, you’d be wrong. The completely spoiled twelveteen-year-old got ANOTHER surprise when MawMaw and PawPaw gifted both the bros an entire day at Kentucky’s Horse Park – home to retired Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winners AND winners of the pacing Triple Crown. Not to mention the beautiful heavy breeds and teensy horse folk that also call the Park home.

Just as BK and T-Hubb thought they would burst with equine contentment, they noticed a Polo match going on just over the road! So of course they strolled across and caught the last three chukkas! What a blissful time in Lexington.


Where did these lucky bros roll to next, you ask? They’ll tell you in a little bitty!


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