The King, the Grand and the Ole

The bros have quite a packed update for you! From the shaggy green carpet on the walls of Graceland, to our lovingly preserved Nascar suits in Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame – it’s been an epic music-chapter in the road-trip story!

You last heard from BK and T-Hubb when they were cruising around Georgia visiting Luke-Bryan’s roots, y’know. Well, then they jumped in Tyler, their jeep-without-the-lift-kit, and headed for … a laundromat …

The bros were enjoying a quick stop in Birmingham, Alabama, when T-Hubb realised that he’d been wearing his underwear inside-out for more than 3 days-apiece. (That’s not his rule, that’s the one BK imposes). So they stopped on the road to Memphis and caught a relaxing hour at a smooth coin-laundry in Jackson. Go bros!



Even with clean undies restored, T-Hubb found it real hard to focus once he realised that it was just one sleep (one finger, T-Hubb!) until he would get to bask in the King’s glory and go to GRACELAND!!!!! He was a bit nervous that Elvis wouldn’t be home, but he needn’t have worried … the King was everywhere!! There were excellent jump suit and Elvis-car exhibits, but most of all, there was his actual home. Graceland of course still oozes with the Elvis spirit. It is a little smaller than one might expect of a mansion, but the inside decor more than makes up for this. Think gold, think shag carpet (on the walls too!) Think jungle-room (of course) and a funky kitchen where hundreds of PB&Js got made. T-Hubb did his best to keep from zooming around the whole house in disorderly awe, but mainly, BK effectively restrained him. The bros finished off the day with a hotdog at Minnie May’s totally-way-authentic diner!

The National Civil Rights Museum

If you’ll permit the bros to change pace for a second, their experience visiting the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis was extremely sobering, and absolutely fascinating. This amazingly-curated timeline of the civil rights struggle in the USA, and particularly the South, is difficult to describe. It’s something the bros think everyone should visit if they get the chance.

Nashville, Our House

From sleepy Memphis, to the bright lights of Broadway, where you can get boots at any hour of the day y’all, along with fab live country music!

First stop for the bros was, of course, their own bar: FGL House (also known colloquially as EML House – that Echuca Moama Line y’all!)

Here, the bros had their first ever taste of their delicious concoction which BK and T-Hub scienced themselves: Old Camp Peach Pecan Whisky!!!! Try saying that three-times fast while you have your triple bypass!

Of course it was delicious, and of course the bros tried all the drinks containing this heavenly liquor (kidding MawMaw!)

The Country Music Hall of Fame

… Because, duh, the bros are in it! BK and T-Hubb stopped in here to check on their nifty Nascar suits from the dramatic, emotional film clip to May We All, which they let their little friend Timmy-McGee go in with them.

Look! T-Hubb’s catching up with old mates Brooks and Dunn, and BK is saying hi (!!!!!) to Luke Bryan, also a good-good friend of theirs. Of course Dolly was there, along with Loretta, Shania, Merle, Willie, Conway, and Faith Hill and Timmy McGee had their photos on a door! It was just super.

The Grand Ole Opry

Gary! It’s Gary! The sublime frontman of hardcore country brilliance, RASCAL FLATTS!

It was beyond special to be there in the flesh for this historic country music radio institution. The special-circle of wood from the original Opry stage glistened before the bros’ eyes under the feet of voice-of-an-angel Gary and the legendary Vince Gill.

This is the part where tears spring to T-Hubb’s face-wells (his eyes) and BK reflects in his tree house, on just how lucky they are. The road-trip continues for these glad-hearted bros. They’ll catch you up very soon on their time in Lexington, KY, their close encounter with a country idol, some beautiful hikes, and their winding way through Arkansas and Oklahoma en route to Austin. Coming soon!

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