The. Florida. Georgia. Line


‘Baby you a song!!’ sang T-Hubb over and over again as he hung his head out of the wound-down window of Tyler-the-Jeep as they cruised down a south Georgian highway. BK was just about to get out the Phenergan when, thank goodness, T-Hubb pulled his head back in the window. Why the excitement? Today the EML road trip was gonna hit another high. The bros were goin’ to their spiritual home!!

Home is where the heart is. And where the good-good is, and in this case where a simple line marks the end of one state and the start of the next. For BK from Florida and T-Hubb from Georgia, this line is the source of their band name and the symbolic coming together of their southern musical genius in a harmonious bro country fashion (NB. T-Hubb did not write this bit. BK will explain it to him later)

They crossed it 4 times in total out of sheer excitement! The Florida side of the line is all shiny with free orange juice and advertisements for theme parks galore. The Georgia side advertised Georgian scratch lotto opportunities and peaches. Each bro was utterly content to have gone back to their roots.

At risk of experiencing a serious low after turning Tyler around and away from the line so the road trip could continue, BK punched the small township of Pelham GA into the magic, moving, talking map (GPS T-Hubb! It’s a GPS!) Pelham is small and humble and the perfect quiet stop after a day of epicness. Of the 3 bars to choose from in town, something called the bros to a place called Sylvia’s. Never had the bros met such welcoming, friendly and interested people.


Post-line depression was not an issue as the night was whiled away with live music, cold beer and new friends. Best night ever!

… Next stop? Alabama!

Given the bros were getting real good at awkwardly pulling over to savour barely definable geographic milestones that relate to country music idols, they decided they couldn’t be in Georgia without stopping by singing legend Luke Bryan’s hometown of Leesburg and visiting his favourite creek (crik) – the Muckalee!

This was particularly hallowed turf for BK, who has long been known for his always-controlled emotional state. The only time it is uncontrolled is when a certain Luke Bryan country-music-opera-sings his way into the picture.

The bros give thanks today for more dreams coming true, and for a comfy stop-over in Birmingham, Alabama.

Next on the incredible journey is … MEMPHIS! T-Hubb gon be losing his mind with a visit to Graceland. BK is going to medicate him if required. Just you wait!

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