A little south with our biscuit

“Are y’all in town for the life-altering, spiritual experience of the eclipse?” asked everyone in Charleston.

“Nope.” said the stumbling-in bros. “We’re just lucky, we guess.”

BK and T-Hubb have taken Tyler-the-Jeep right into the southern realm, and the first amazing bro-experience they shared was a perfect view of the solar eclipse in historic Charleston. The bros got some ice cream, some cool shades and settled back to watch the moon slide right in front of the sun. (Can you imagine the job BK had explaining this phenom to T-Hubb? It was ALMOST as bad as the ‘where do babies come from’ question of 2004).

To distract T-Hubb, the bros decided to head on out to a fascinating historic plantation (Magnolia) for a lesson in war, slavery and many things too grave for limited-IQ country music bro personas to go into in this blog. However, there were some fantabulous grounds, gardens (full of critters) and of course a petting zoo where T-Hubb and BK both made friends with individually compelling goat friends.

What could possibly top an eclipse AND goat friends, you ask? Well, as the bros headed on down the road to Savannah, BK made an exciting discovery…

Savannah, Georgia is home to a bona-fide Paula Deen restaurant – Lady & Sons. Y’all know Paula Deen, right? The queen of butter-and-oil!! So the bros got in line for the buffet and filled up with more good-good.

In short: Fried chicken, mac & cheese, lasagne, collard greens, Brunswick stew, candied yam, mashed taters, peach cobbler and BUTTER CAKE. (There was more, of course, but the bros opted for the lite’n easy version)  Such was the bros moderation (see Momma! We’re tryin’!) that a friendly patron sidled up and asked BK if they had purchased the sample menu!  No such thing of course, bro appetites just haven’t quite reached Southern Standards despite T-Hubb’s hollow legs (a phrase which also makes him real confused…)

In between dreams of fried chicken (and T-Hubb’s cheese dreams), BK and T-Hubb heard the eerie calling of their spiritual home. The line! The line was calling them home!

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