Rocky Road

Dreams. We all have them. These bros definitely have them. T-Hubb dreams of whiskey flavoured with peach and pecan. BK reminds him this dream is real, they made this drink themselves. T-Hubb also dreams of velcro-clothes that attract clouds, which stick to you for at least 12 hours and whisper encouraging words to you (T-Hubb is receiving psychological assistance for these dreams).

Just the other day however, it was BK’s turn for a major dream to come true. The bros headed away from the Big Apple on an Amtrak and leapt off at Philly to heed the siren song of Rocky Balboa. As the bros walked towards the Philadelphia Museum of Art, BK showed an unusual amount of emotion (excited fist-clenching and exclamations of ‘Oh my goodness!  Sylvester actually stood on these steps!).  There was so much good-good to take in! The statue! The movie lines! …. THE STEPS!!!!

Back on the train after the immense excitement of conquering THE steps, the bros headed for DC to a lovely friend’s hip apartment, where they prepared to order GIANT coffees and walk through the (currently farcical) halls of power. What they really ended up doing was walking. A lot!


This picture is huge because the bros did a HUGE amount of walking.  And learning.  The bros are all about the learning. In between being distracted by all the squirrels, the bros deduced that DC is a city built on the back of massive statues (the monuments are all real far apart), eagles, golden horses, lions, hot sun and bein’ humble… What did the bros do next? Read our next post, dummy!


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