Driving bros!

20170819_130303Now, this trip is referred to as a road trip for a reason.  The majority of the bros adventure will occur in a lift kitted Chevy (Ok.  More of a sensible small SUV) and after bidding DC goodbye (including the lovely June who hosted the bros for 2 whole nights!  Brave woman!), it was time to pick up Tyler (pronounced Tah-ler) our non lift-kitted Jeep Compass.  Tyler’s name was chosen for a number of reasons. Number 1, T-Hubbs’ name is also Tyler, so he should be able to remember it.  Number 2, Tyler the Jeep is a little simple and occasionally slow to react.  T-Hubb and Tyler the Jeep have so much in common!!!!

With Garth Brooks Radio station playin’ (yes Liz Dymock! There is a whole station masterfully curated by Garth, playing only the songs of Garth and his friends!) T-Hubb and BK got to winding down the windows and cruisin’ on the wrong side of the road (no other road users or squirrels were hurt in the adjustment process).

Tonight’s destination: Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Proving that there is no limit to the number of dreams that can come true in a single road trip, the bros witnessed John, Ginger, Cheryle, Betty and Fred (actual names) getting the motel bar jumping with their synchronised line dancing routine to Rockin’ Robin.  Day one on the road and line dancing already!!

John (75 and not letting a cane hold him back from the boogie) explained that the whole bunch of limber-hipped groovers were part of a shagging group! (Don’t panic mom and dad, these bros did not join the shagging). Turns out the shag is a kind of beach dance, which involves smooth rhythms and a lot of hardcore summer-holiday beats. Who knew?

Meanwhile, BK and T-Hubb tried their very first Budweisers, and sat contentedly in front of two sports-screens showing the Dallas Cowboys Vs the Indianapolis Colts on one and the Yankees Vs the Boston Red Sox on the other. (T-Hubb quickly went cross-eyed).

Tomorrow, the bros will make for Charleston, but with the very real risk that they will find nowhere to stay for the night, thanks to this dang solar eclipse which is on the way. One of the best views will be in this neck of the woods, and eclipse-fanciers have descended from the 7.8 corners of the USA (T-Hubb calculations). Still, the bros are resourceful and ready to cruise once more. To find out how this homelessness-cliffhanger resolves itself, keep checking the bloog! (Yes)




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