It starts in the city

The Grand EML Country USA Road Trip begins, like many great journeys, against a backdrop of some uncertainty. New York City. City. Not Country. Where are the fields of corn? Where are the cows? Where are the people with large hats that aren’t being ironically worn by Pharrell? Where the space and the pickups? Patience. First, the best bros get to enjoy navigating New Yorkers, bin juice smells, cheeses on your food that got on it without your permission, and real loud noises. The bros have frolicked in Central Park, and for once T-Hubb had to be the responsible bro and prevent BK from jumping on a police horse and taking it for a quick Preakness Stakes trial-run.

Then the bros hit the Met for some culture. T-Hubb was amazed that the cool black hats on 17th century Dutch men in Nicolaes Maes’ paintings weren’t available in Barneys.  He was also amazed that Barney owned such a huge store in NYC when his barn in Georgia was only modest at best…

They have roamed downtown with friends and took their bro-feet over the Brooklyn Bridge to have some uber-cool cookies and boutique beer in Dumbo, Brooklyn. T-Hubb was confused that BK was saying ‘Dumbo’ but NOT referring to him.

What else? The bros have also had a fully uptown day as tourists, heading to the ‘Top of the Rock’ for one of the best views in the city. Again, T-Hubb experienced some confusion that the ‘Rock’ wasn’t in fact a ‘rock’. But the view made up for all that head scratching, and being able to wave at the Empire State Building (where Cary Grant still waits for Deborah Kerr) was a pretty cool buzz.

Next? BK and T-Hubb lock in their spot on the long rail track Chevy for tomorrows journey from NYC to DC via Philly.  BK hopes all that practice running up the stairs at Southern Cross Station will have been ample preparation for the Rocky steps!!  In the meantime, the bros spend their last NYC afternoon farewelling the first round of good times with a couple of Dos Equis.  What better way to spend a sunny NYC afternoon?


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